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Migration from VitePress 0.x

If you're coming from VitePress 0.x version, there're several breaking changes due to new features and enhancement. Please follow this guide to see how to migrate your app over to the latest VitePress.

App Config

  • The internationalization feature is not yet implemented.

Theme Config

  • sidebar option has changed its structure.
    • children key is now named items.
    • Top level item may not contain link at the moment. We're planning to bring it back.
  • repo, repoLabel, docsDir, docsBranch, editLinks, editLinkText are removed in favor of more flexible api.
    • For adding GitHub link with icon to the nav, use Social Links feature.
    • For adding "Edit this page" feature, use Edit Link feature.
  • lastUpdated option is now split into config.lastUpdated and themeConfig.lastUpdatedText.
  • carbonAds.carbon is changed to carbonAds.code.

Frontmatter Config

  • home: true option has changed to layout: home. Also, many Homepage related settings have been modified to provide additional features. See Home Page guide for details.
  • footer option is moved to themeConfig.footer.

Released under the MIT License.